A tidy desktop

is my goal . . .

I will begin unloading this poor desktop over the next few weeks. I get anxiety every time I look at the bazillion unlabeled files all over it. Each haphazard 2008-03...6-06.tiff is getting posted with an easy-to-find label and the place I found it.

I've decided to divide between my two blogs this way. The first one is a sort of scrapbook of my family and current life. I'm planning on having it printed at the end of each year. And this one is for all the other stuff; my online file of ideas for entertaining, decorating, creating . . . and I am going to TRY to be far less wordy in the future.

I am so excited to begin. I wonder what the first mystery file is.

image from rebecca thuss

Oh yes. I loved this. I think it would be so cute to do this for party favors for a child's party.

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