In my daydreams, I'm usually in a place like this. . . with a fetching hat. (that's fetching in a good way.)

photos from october 2008 veranda, chateau de christin and rodney smith


"All you need is love" said...

I love this blog. You may remeber me, I've met you a couple of times. I am Ashley's friend from back in the day (Jana Dover). It is really fun to see all the ideas, I love this post especially. My dream is to live in Europe in the country...diddo on the hat.

gillar girl said...

hey jana--i do remember you :) i clicked on over to your blog to make sure but couldn't leave a comment there. i loved your challenge on tv and i am gonna try it by golly. and also i always love a politically minded mama :)

Everette Orange said...

omg amazing pic i love it so much!!