i love symmetry

This is one of my very most favorite architecture styles. And I love those urns and the black window against the light moldings.

Next. In response to all you need is love's question: my sources for inspiration often initially come from decorating magazines. A few of my very favorites are Elle Decor, House Beautiful and domino. If you see things you like in magazines, look at the sources listed in the back and then search for the manufacturer or company online to find lots more inspiration. I also keep a binder of pictures I love. I have one of those sticky page type binders (that are really bad for actual photographs) and stick my faves in there. It helped me so much when I was designing our home. It will really help you discover your personal style and whenever you're in the mood for a project, you can pull it out to be inspired.

Also, when I see things I love online and on blogs, I go to their source or to the photographer or stylist's website to find more ideas. There are so many things you can do at minimal costs to customize your space no matter how temporary it is. So don't wait! Your temporary spot just may be your home for the next ten years! Hope that helps :)

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"All you need is love" said...

Thanks. I do think a good eye and some talent (like you have) helps a bit too. Thanks for the tips.