our smaller family room.

We have moved a few times since we were first married, and one thing I have learned is, it's important to make wherever you're at feel like home--even if it's only going to be home for a short time.  We most likely won't be renting this current home for long--we will either begin renovating another house or building within a year, but still, I want it to be cozy and comfortable and be "ours" for as long as we're here. 

It was a little tricky with this move because instead of moving into a larger or comparably sized home, we have almost exactly half of the space we used to.  So within days of deciding on the home we would be renting, I began thinking about which furniture I really loved and wanted to move with us.  

I sketched out a quick floor plan of each room to see how much of our furniture could realistically fit.  Thankfully, we were able to sell most everything that wouldn't, and with that money I bought the few things that we needed.  Things like bunkbeds for the boys, barstools, smaller area rugs and some custom built lockers.
I also took the opportunity to introduce a new updated and favorite color scheme into our main living space.  It was easy to do just by using our existing things in new spots, and the home owners perfect paint color! 

We already had our steely blue chair and ottoman, lots of yellow pillows and a few red accessories.  All I did was just lump them all into the same room.  I did find that lobster red bench (under the window) at a consignment shop a few weeks ago and it was just the perfect shade of red and with a price tag of $35, I was so okay with the not so great paint job! 

I have to say, I really like living in a smaller space.  Our previous home wasn't huge, but it was large and it was a lot to care for.  We had seemingly endless storage places and so I never thought twice about stashing things away because I always had more than enough room.

I like that every piece of furniture in our home is something we love.  I really love that if we all work together our house can be spotless in a couple of hours!  I like that we consider more carefully what we buy, based on if we really need it and if we have a spot for it.  It has simplified our lives in so many ways.

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