sleeping in close quarters.

Some of our very favorite spaces to decorate are little, tiny rooms. 

I am so in love with that first picture, I could stare at it for hours!  It is so cute and colorful and tiny and efficient!

And when you are short on space, here are a few tips:

1. Push the bed against a wall, like in the first picture.  Another option would be to use lots of pillows along the wall to create a day bed look.
2. Use the vertical space.  Built in bunk beds are so charming and such an efficient use of space.
3. If the set up is such, that bunk beds don't work, create two twin beds (or one very, very long twin bed), like the one pictured here by sarah richardson. 
4.  Don't forget the eaves--build right up into them!  You don't need a lot of space to lay flat on your back!

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sarah richardson 
richard leo johnson
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zedon said...

During the day, the bunkbed king can virtually turn into a playground. The kids can have fun on the slides. And it's great to get your kids up and moving.

Varsha Hatkar said...

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